Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mozza 2 Go

I had to take a break in my party programming and Daring Bakers cookies to tell you about the incredible dinner I had last night. For the last two years I have been aching to dine at one or both of the famed Mozza restaurants in Los Angeles. For one reason or another the timing has never worked out and I have been relegated to watching friends and food bloggers have delicious meal after delicious meal while I stood jealous on the sidelines. Well a few weeks ago, Pizzeria Mozza launched their Mozza 2 Go take out and delivery service I had originally planned in indulging in this feast on my birthday, but it turns out delivery is only Tuesday-Sunday so I patiently waited almost two weeks to partake in this indulgence. Not only am I so glad I was patient, I am so glad I finally ordered! My dinner was fantastic!!

First up was Mozza's version of a "meat lovers" pizza with bacon, salami, prosciutto, and fennel sausage. Talk about meat lovers. This thing was loaded, but not in a bad way. Check out that sausage!!

Mozza's "Meat Lovers" Pizza

Next was the Pizza Alla Benno with speck, pineapple, mozzarella, and jalapenos. This is basically Pizzeria Mozza's version of a Hawaiian pizza but so much better than what you get at Dominoes. The jalapenos were the best with a slow heat that slowly built up. I love my spice and the sweetness of the pineapple was perfect with the salty speck.

Mozza's Pizza Alla Benno

The last, and my favorite of the evening was actually a last minute add on. I ordered the Pizza Bianca with fontina, mozzarella, sottocenere (a truffle cheese) and sage. I was so pleasantly surprised by this pizza. I had Googled sottocenere before I ordered it which is what helped me make my last minute decision. One of my most favorite foods is this Italian truffled cheese I found at Trader Joes and this is basically a high quality version of that on a pizza. The crispy sage was perfect with the salty cheeses. I wanted to eat the whole thing, but managed to restrict myself to one slice.

Mozza's Pizza Bianca

One of the things I noticed about all the pizzas was the crust. It is think in the middle and chewy on the outside. It is so incredibly tasty! Normally I prefer really thin crust throughout the pizza, but I could not get enough of this crust. The only (minor) complaint was that on the "meat lovers" pizza, the crust is a bit too thin in the middle to hold all the toppings. Is that even a complaint? It was a mouthful of saucy, meaty, pizza AWESOME! To finish my dinner, I ordered the Butterscotch Budino which is basically a rich pudding, topped with a layer of caramel and a dollop of whipped cream. After all the pizza deliciousness, it was difficult for me to have more than a spoonful, but it is lovely and creamy and was a perfect end to an incredible dinner.

Mozza Butterscotch Budino

I am beyond thrilled I finally got to have Pizzeria Mozza for dinner and it was even better that it was in the comfort of my own home...well, my home for the next twenty four hours as I am moving at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow. If you are in the LA area and are feeling a pizza craving, I highly recommend Mozza 2 Go. It's certainly pricey, but worth it for a special occasion or a rare indulgence. For more details, visit the website. Have a fantabulous weekend, I am off to finish packing!

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The Food Librarian said...

This is great! I have to go!!!

Erica said...

Yum! The pizza looks fabulous and not greasy! Glad you enjoyed it chicky. Have a good weekend

Diana said...

Yay! I'm so glad you finally got your Mozza fix! :) The sage pizza is one of my favorites. I had it with fennel sausage the last time I was there and it was ah-maz-ing!

Good luck with the move this weekend!

La Cuisine d'Helene said...

Oh my this looks so good. I wish we had a good pizzeria in town.

Nicole (Cooking After Five) said...

I ate there for the first time back in May -- loved it! Have you tried the mushroom pizza? It was my favorite of the five my group ordered.

Hungry Dog said...

Pizza sounds awesome. We were lucky to eat at Osteria Mozza while visiting LA in was incredible. We have no shortage of great restaurants in SF but I still dream of the burrata I had there. Can't wait to try the pizza place next time.

Kerstin said...

Mmm, all that pizza sound SO good! I think I could eat good pizza every day and not get tired of it!

Alicia Foodycat said...

Those are the best-looking takeaway pizzas I have ever seen!

Summer said...

Yummy. We used to live down the street from Mario's restaurant Otto in NYC. I knew their delivery number by heart. Dangerous.