Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brown Sugar and Dijon Glazed Pork Loin

Brown Sugar and Dijon Glazed Pork Loin

We finally have winter in Los Angeles!!! Well, at least what I consider winter while living here. It has me craving all sorts of warming foods and it is finally not torturous to turn on the oven. Late last week when I was prepping for the Eat My Blog bake sale, I realized I would need something to eat besides brownie batter. As I prepped the brownies, I cooked up this pork loin which was a satisfying and insanely easy dinner. Speaking of Eat My Blog, we made over $3000 for LA Regional Foodbank! How cool is that!!?? I can't wait to do it again next summer. I also had way too much fun hanging out with Sonja, Gaby, Nastassia, and HC. Guys, I think we need another Marix meet up, ASAP. Anyway, this pork was so easy to prepare. I served it with some rice cooked with some garlic and chicken stock. That rice is my new favorite thing... The pork is a great combo of sweet and tangy with the spicy dijon pairing perfectly with the sugar. I can't wait to try this again.

Brown Sugar and Dijon Glazed Pork Loin
(Adapted from Rock Recipes)

Pork loin
Salt and pepper
Dijon mustard
Dark brown sugar

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and line a baking sheet with foil. Season the pork loin with salt and pepper and open roast the pork on a rack for 30 minutes.

Brush the entire surface of the roast with the Dijon, then press brown sugar into the mustard, all over the roast. Return the roast to the oven, reduce the heat to 375 degrees. Continue to roast until the internal temperature of the roast hits 145-150 degrees on a meat thermometer. Baste the roast in the drippings/sauce several times during the cooking time. Let the roast rest for 10 minutes before carving and serving.

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Diana said...

That marinade sounds awesome! I've actually never cooked my own pork tenderloin though... I'm so afraid I'll dry it out!

Gastronomer said...

So glad you were on board for Eat My Blog and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll bring next time around ;-)

Summer produce! EEEE!

Unknown said...

wait, we can't live on brownie batter?? shoot. i've been doing some baking and eaten alot of cookie dough lately... hehe. great job with the bake sale, and what a fabulous glaze!!

Jenn said...

I love the glaze on those pork loins. Maybe I should change up my menu for dinner.

LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

i had fun with you too! so glad we got to meet up! and your brownies were divine!

Erica said...

Congrats on the $$ raised! That is so exciting. Great dinner dish. Love recipes with only a few ingredients- simple=best!

vanillasugarblog said...

you eat so well girl. dijon is the best for those crusty glazes isn't it? I need a new rice cooker, mine stinks.

DAUL said...

Honey! I cooked something similar using a Giada recipe. Same thing just slapped on bacon on the top and broiled it the last 10 minutes. Bacon on por loin..HEAVEN!

The Active Foodie said...

Is it just me or does that pork look super juicy! :) That looks delicious! I love making pork loin, I will give this version a try next!!
BTW-Had so much fun with you too! It was so worth getting sick again ;)