Monday, January 17, 2011

Feng Mao

Chopsticks at Feng Mao

A few weeks ago I got an invite from The Minty to dine at a Chinese restaurant in Koreatown. I was mildly confused, but I do know that many other cuisines are well represented in Koreatown besides Korean so I decided to go with it. At the end of the email, Minty promised not to order the bull's penis. Of course that made me intrigued. Turns out Feng Mao specializes in Northern Chinese food, specifically kebabs and one of the more adventurous kebabs is thinly sliced bull's penis. As promised, the penis was not on our list of kebabs we ordered, but we had plenty of other options. The chopsticks that greeted us with the words "Good Luck" were a little disconcerting, but it turns out we needn't have worried.

Banchan at Feng Mao 1/10/11

Salad at Feng Mao

Egg Custard at Feng Mao

The selection of banchan was pretty standard, but I found myself strangely addicted to the boiled peanuts. In fact, we ended up getting more towards the end of the evening because they were so good.

Spice Mixture at Feng Mao

Kebabs at Feng Mao

Kebabs at Feng Mao

Kebabs at Feng Mao

There was a really flavorful dipping powder to use with all of our grilled meats. It was good, but after a while, I found it made everything taste the same. Despite our vast selection of meat options (chicken, lamb, gizzards, chicken hearts, beef belly, chicken wings, and beef), it became difficult to tell them apart after a while. We definitely had a bit too much food and I relied on the banchan to relieve my taste buds from all the meat.

Mushroom Kebabs at Feng Mao

Even though I'm not a big fan of shrooms, they provided a welcome break from all of the meat. These were some of the biggest mushrooms I'd ever seen.

Scallion Pancake at Feng Mao

My absolute favorite order of the evening was the scallion pancake. Scallion pancakes are not something I would normally order out a restaurant, but I'm so glad we did. These were crispy and full of scallion flavor. I also loved the slightly spicy dipping sauce that accompanied them.

I definitely want to try some dishes we didn't get to that evening like the spicy pork with cilantro and some of the other Northern Chinese specialties. It was a nice evening out made even nicer with soju and plenty of Hite beer. I can't wait until the next eating adventure!

Feng Mao
414 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 388-9299

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Erica said...

hahah. I wish I was a more adventurous eater.....names of things scare me! The scallion pancakes look awesome though. Glad you enjoyed!

Joanne said...

Yeah, I would have avoided the bull's penis as well. Good call.

Everything else looks amazing though! So many new-to-me it!

Amanda said...

What an adventure!! Looks like such a neat experience!

marla {Family Fresh Cooking} said...

Aren't you lucky to receive such great invitations. This looks like an amazing meal! xo

Banana Wonder said...

Scallion pancakes are my favorite too! Great pics Esi.

vanillasugarblog said...

if only i could go to a place like this soon
we have to go into boston for fab eats like this.
chicken feet=bulls penis=no thanks