Monday, January 3, 2011

Holidays 2010

During the past two weeks I visited Chaya, Salt's Cure, Soda Pops, A-Frame, Scoops Westside (twice), Black Cat Bakery, and Tavern. I also stopped at a few places between here and Aptos, CA where I spent Christmas and the Bay Area where I spent a few days after Christmas. It was a great time and I have absolutely nothing to show for it now except a few extra pounds and a bad cold.  I didn't get pictures of everything, but here is some of what I managed to capture.

Brunch at Salt's Cure. They ran out of what I really wanted so I ended up ordering the 2x2x2. Two eggs, two pieces of sausage, and two pieces of bacon. The meats are made/cured in house. I want to go back immediately.

2x2x2 from Salt's Cure

This was the view from our hotel in Seascape.  The suite was amazing and the beach was beautiful in spite of the rain and insane wind on Christmas day.

Seascape Resort

The crazy rain over the last few weeks also brought about crazy rainbows. Behold.


Upon my return to LA, I immediately visited new "hotspot" A-Frame.  It was a ridiculously good dinner, but unfortunately I got no good pictures of it because of our proximity to the horrible black light under the a-frame. These ribs were one of the highlights though.

Baby Back Ribs from A-Frame

After A-Frame, Kris and I went to the new Scoops on the Westside of LA. I had brown bread and pistachio flavors. Both so good and addicting so it wasn't a tough sell to convince me to go back a couple days later for more. This time I had the banana apple pie and honey almond cinnamon.

Scoops Westside

Partly because I wasn't feeling well and partly because I wasn't in the mood, I didn't end up going out for New Year's Eve. I think this was possibly the first time ever I didn't have plans for that night and yet I was perfectly ok with staying in. I made an amazing dinner which I will share with you soon.

I hope you're all enjoying the new year so far and when I recover from this illness, I'll have new recipes to share soon.

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Erica said...

Sounds like you had a nice little break :) The food looks yummy. brown bread ice cream? That sounds pretty out of this world. Happy New Year!!

Joanne said...

All of this food...sounds fantastic. You did some serious eating this holiday my dear, and I love it! Hope you feel better soon though!

Andy said...

I haven't been for brunch yet, but both my dinner and lunch experiences at Salt's Cure have been STELAR! I too can't wait to go back!

The Food Librarian said...

Esi, Let's meet up at A-Frame and eat the rest of menu, okay? New Year's resolution! - mary

Kelly said...

Yum. The ice cream sounds great though I am not sure about brown bread. Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you closed out 2010 with some amazing eats.

Diana said...

Yeah you did eat the banana apple pie ice cream! So proud!

Really want to try that farro from Black Cat! And I suppose the 2x2x2 too. I can handle a little bacon and sausage every now and again. To, you know, balance the quinoa out.

Amanda said...

Some amazing shots!! And yummy food!

vanillasugarblog said...

what was the breakfast you really wanted?

marla {Family Fresh Cooking} said...

Looks like a decadent holiday of feasting on wonderful food! Glad to hear you have been having lots of fun during the holidays. Happy New Year! xo

Michelle Rittler said...

That 2x2x2 breakfast looks so good! I'm glad to hear you had some fun times over the holidays and hope you start feeling better soon!

Alicia Foodycat said...

Gorgeous bacon! That looks like my perfect breakfast.