Monday, July 7, 2008

Homemade Tortilla with a Fried Egg and Salsa

Not wanting to be a wasteful person, I cooked up this quick breakfast this morning to use my last tortilla that I made yesterday and some of the leftover salsa. This with some veggie sausage was a great way to start the morning and is keeping me full until lunch. No need for a morning snack today! I don't think this even counts as a recipe, but it was so good, I couldn't help but share it.

Homemade Tortilla with a Fried Egg and Salsa

1 flour tortilla
1 organic, free-range egg
1 spoonful Tomato and Black Bean Salsa
sprinkling of organic mozzarella
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook egg to desired done-ness. Place on tortilla and top with salsa and cheese.

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