Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday Night Cocktail Party...I Mean Dinner

I generally like to eat pretty healthy during the week and then blow it out on Friday night and/or Saturday. This past Friday, I decided on cholesterol laden, favorite ingredients including Chipotle Lime Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. Sounds good, right?! They were, but this is food much more suited for a cocktail party than a weekend dinner. I also decided to make Giada's chocolate mousse, but with cinnamon instead of espresso. To. Die. For.

Chipotle Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp
(adapted from Simply Recipes)

12 large peeled and deveined shrimp, tails off
2 tbsp olive oil
zest from 1 lime
juice from one lime
1 chopped chipotle in adobo plus sauce
6 strips center cut bacon, cut in half

In a small bowl, mix lime zest, lime juice olive oil and chipotle. Put the shrimp in the chipotle mixture and set aside.

Spread the bacon slices on a few layers of paper towels on a microwave-safe plate. Cover with another layer of paper towels. Microwave on high for about 1 1/2 minutes.

Preheat grill on high. Working one at a time, wrap a half piece of bacon on each piece of shrimp and thread onto pre-soaked bamboo skewers. Grill for 5 to 7 minutes on each side on each side. Baste each skewer with the remaining chipotle mixture and cook until shrimp is pink and bacon is crisp.

Cinnamon Chocolate Mousse
(adapted from Food Network)

Makes 2 servings

1/4 c 2% milk
1 1/2 tbsp sugar
about 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 c bittersweet chocolate chips
1 1/2 egg whites

In a small saucepan over medium heat stir together the milk, sugar, and cinnamon until the milk is hot (not boiling) and the sugar has dissolved.

Place the chocolate chips in a blender and pulse until finely ground. Add the milk mixture to the chocolate chips and pulse until the chocolate has melted, about one minute. Add the egg whites and pulse on high until the mixture is light, about one more minute. Transfer the mousse to 2 serving cups and refigerate for at least 3 hours or until firm.

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