Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Chance!!!

Ok ya''s the last chance to enter my holiday giveaway and/or get a 15% discount on What are you waiting for? Entries must be received by midnight tonight and it's open to US residents only so you better get on it!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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Erica said...

Again, loving this contest! We have nothing Christmas themed in our house right now (minus our mini trees) because everything is in storage!

Diana said...

I don't have a plate-specific comment, but just wanted to say "hi," "happy Friday!" and all that jazz. Also, I think I'm going to make those chive risotto cakes you posted about next week for my brother's pizza night party! Can't wait to try them! :)

Esi said...

Hi Erica and Diana! I can't believe we are just a few days from Christmas. I am totally sitting in office cold and stumped as to why I even came in today, although it seems to me that my boss thinks I am going to stick around till the end of the day. He is insane!

Diana - good luck with the chive cakes! They are so yummy, but make sure you cool the mixture for at least a couple of hours. Turns out a lot of the Barefoot bloggers let the mixture cool overnight and didn't have such a hard time getting them to stay together!

Diana said...

Thanks for the tip! I think I'll make them in the morning and give them plenty of time to come together before attempting to make the cakes. I'm excited to try them!

I think you are about to leave for your trip, so I'm just going to go ahead and wish you a Merry Merry Christmas now! I hope you have an amazing time in Hawaii! :)

Esi said...

Aw thanks! Merry Christmas to you too!! I don't leave till Tuesday morning so I may do another post or two in the next couple of days :)